KTM RC390 Parts:

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Aftermarket Parts and Updates

Suspension Updates

Upgraded suspension is THE first thing any owner should look at doing for upgrading their KTM RC-390. The Rear shock, front end, and a custom Steering Damper Kit are all part of what we can offer owners, track day riders, serious street riders, and racers alike.

Crash Protection

Lets face it. On the track, and street, crashes and get-offs happen. The last thing you can afford tho is to spread oil on the track, or risk engine damage from a punctured case cover. Our Heavy Duty Case Covers and Frame Sliders are designed with the track in mind, but can be used on the street. Nobody wants to see their bike sliding down the pavement on it's side, but if it does happen, it's good to have the piece of mind that you've got a thicker, stronger, Heavy Duty Case Covers and Frame Sliders.


Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Bodywork replacement pieces. These pieces are what you are looking for to save weight, update the looks of your bike, and/or repair crash damage. The attention to detail and looks of these pieces are also unmatched in professional quality, flexibility, and strength.

Rearsets and Controls

Are you looking for race style Rearsets for your RC390? Designed in-house by TYGA Performance using the latest CAD/CAM software, these CNC machine-made step kits are made from top quality aircraft grade aluminium. Complete with carbon heelguard on left and right hanger. Race/GP shift is also possible by simply flipping the gear change arm 180 degrees. No other modification necessary other than a slight adjustment to the link rod.

Additionally other controls for CNC Machined parts like the Top Triple and Clipons can be found on that page.


Need to make Gearing changes for the track or street? We've got you covered with the full range of Rear Sprockets sizes from 39 to 48 Teeth.


Misc parts that don't fit into the other named categories like rear spools, padding, parking brake, bike covers, and other bits.

Packing, Shipping, and Returns

To read all about our Packaging, Shipping, and returns policy click here

Estimated Product Weights

Many of the products we sell are hand built, and as such there is a small amount of variation from one unit to the next. This is the reason why we can only provide an estimated product weight. Some customers care a great deal about product weight, and strive very hard to reduce the weight of their bike by every possible means. As such, we are trying to provide a general idea of the product weight which can be used for our a customers weight estimation purposes. The weights in the database however are used for calculations for SHIPPING, so as such, sometimes have "extra" weight to account for packing materials, like extra bubble wrap, foam, cardboard inserts, and the like. As such, we can not GUARENTEE the stated weights are EXACTLY what the weight will be of the product. It is meant as a general guideline for the product weight, as it's information we have in the system, and as such, try and provide that to you, our customer.

Shipping Estimates

In general your packages should arrive within a week of having been ordered as we strive to ship out within 24-36 hours of the order being received. On rare occasion if a shipment will take longer than this, we do our best to notify our customers. If your order is time sensitive, ie racers, please let us know. We do our absolute best to get you the parts you need by the time you need them.


Shipping via UPS from Central Texas to anywhere in the US typically takes 2-4 days of transit once the parcel has been shipped out.

USPS Priority

Shipping via USPS is sometimes used for smaller packages.