Packing and Shipping

Formula390 uses UPS, tho sometimes USPS, for most shipments. Occasionally we use another method if a customer has a special request to use any one particular shipping service vs another however. The shipping cost is accurately calculated on the website when you order. Unlike most other companies, we have designed a shipping module on our website which does not simply add the shipping cost of each additional item. Instead we pass on any saving through consolidation of multiple item orders. You can see evidence of this where when adding items to your cart and calculating shipping, you will see "tipping points" where the costs increase, but many times you can add an addition item (or possibly even two) and the calculations for your shipping cost will show the shipping amount not go up. This way, we save you money and hopefully we benefit too by more orders. We at Formula390 do not treat shipping as a profit center, and do our best to keep our shipping costs as low and accurate as possible. Occasionally, the calculation for shipping may be different to the actual amount it costs us to ship the order. In this case, you will be notified. Rarely, if the shipping is not enough, we will give you the choice of paying the balance, give you the choice of refunding you in full, or we may just eat the additional costs and ship your order at a loss. On the rare occasion where our shipping calculation and your payment was too high, we have and do issue a refund of the difference between our costs for shipping and what you paid. We do all in our power to keep shipping to a minimum. Currently all shipping rates are calculated using UPS, but if an item can be shipped faster and cheaper by USPS, we will go that route. The intent is to use whichever courier that gets you your parts fastest and cheapest. If you elect for 3-day Select or Air (if available to your location) then we will ship that method. These rates are estimates, so if you need an exact shipping amount and are in a rush to receive your parts, it may be best to email or call us and we can issue you an invoice for the parts and shipping costs once we have your shipment ready to go out and can get the actual costs from UPS. Shipping by UPS Ground from here in Central Texas will generally takes 3-4 business days. Shipping USPS via Flat Rate Priority Mail will take 2-3 days, but your item must be small enough to fit in one of their flat rate shipping boxes.

Racers: If you need a part by a specific time, let us know! We will go to tremedous effort to get you the parts you need by the time you need them by! We can ship next day air to the track, and have done this very regularly for racers who need a part and didn't have it in their spares. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, and closed on Sunday and Monday. Orders shipping out via UPS are sent out daily Tuesday through Friday. Generally, if we receive your order before 1PM CST we can get your shipment out the same day. We don't guarantee this, but that's our goal. Orders after that time will go out the next business day.

Feel free to use the comment box on the order to explain if an order is urgent and we will do our best to get an order to you in time or advise if this may not be possible. We would rather not have the order than risk disappointing you however!

Both the weight and the size of the shipment will affect the total price of shipping. We therefore consolidate shipments into as few boxes as possible, to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum. In most cases, your shipping charge will be shown. However, if the shipment is especially large, treat the websites shipping costs as a best guess estimate, and we will follow up and give you the exact amount when your shipment is packed and ready to go. We always do our best to make sure you get the best value for money on your shipping charges. After making the order, be sure you received your email confirmation with details and order number. You can then use this email as a reference when making any enquiries about your shipment. This email confirmation is also your receipt. It is not necessary to send us an email if your order details in this message are correct, tho do please contact us if you spot an error after you have completed the order.

Unless you give us instructions to the contrary, your shipment will be valued at the price of the goods. Any damage or loss can then be settled in full by the courier in the event of a claim. Please inform the courier and us immediately if a box has been damaged, even before opening it.

Your tracking number will be sent to you by email once your shipment has been sent, as well as your PayPal transaction updated with the tracking number.

There are often delays on the part of the courier in getting their tracking numbers. Sometimes by as much as 24-36 hours for the tracking information to show up in their tracking system and this is nothing to worry about. Let us know if the number is not in the system after this brief period.

You, the customer, are responsible for all charges at the final destination. When shipping internationally we cannot predict what these charges are and you should request for that information with the relevant government bodies concerned. In our experience, motorcycle parts shipments within NAFTA member states (US, Canada, and Mexico), as well as shipments from the US into Asia, do not have to pay any duty. Australia now has a free trade agreement and as far as we know there should no longer be any duty for Australian orders either. For any shipments to the EU, New Zealand, Korea and Japan, there may be duty to pay.

Returns and claims

If you are not satisfied with a part we send you, please contact us within 10 days of receipt (with photos if necessary) and we will investigate*. Any returns MUST be requested within 10 days of recepit. Each case will be decided on by its own merits. If we decide to replace the part, you will be asked to return the defective part at your own cost and the replacement will be sent to you on receipt of the returned part. If the part is just not to your liking refunds will be considered on a case by case basis, and a return MIGHT be accepted, there will always be a small 7% restocking fee to accept any return. Formula390 is not responsible for paying for the fitting of replacement parts.
* As per industry standard, all Electrical parts are never returnable.

We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged during transit. We make our absolute best efforts to package all parts as carefully as possible, and items are shipped via the USPS or UPS. These carriers are used because they insure their shipments and generally have a painless claims process. If the items were damaged by the shipper, Formula390 will work with you and do our best to assist you in the filing of a claim for the damage. If your item is damaged when you receive it, let us know, but the shippers require that you be the one who needs to file the claim with your local Post Office or UPS office. Generally the shippers will ask that you save all items, including the packaging, when a claim is filed. Do not throw anything away until your claim has finished being processed.

All items are careful checked for quality before leaving our premises. If you have a complaint about a product, notify us immediately. We will discuss the nature of the complaint and settle the claim as we see fit. We may request photographic or other proof. Claims for damaged or defective goods may only be made within seven days of receipt.

If it has been a while since your item was shipped and you still have not received it, we will not under any circumstances provide any refunds for item 'lost' during shipment without first investigating the nature of the claim. This will take a minimum of 10 days before we are able to make a decision due to postal and other courier regulations on the filing of lost package claims and is beyond our control.

Special Orders (aka parts not normally stocked for KTM 390 parts) are subject to a 35% restocking fee, so be SURE of the item you are ordering as returns for these items is very expensive both for you, and Formula390, as we have no means of reselling these items typically so must send them back to Thailand for return.